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Adapting to SEO Trends

Social Media Optimization has evolved from end to end, side to side, through multiple folds in the concluding year of the decade. We’ve witnessed the upswing of various tricks and techniques for a full fledged SEO. Internet Giant, Google itself has put to effect, a bunch of new tools namely the new crawling and indexation framework ‘Caffeine’, the May Day algorithm, etc. These made way for the mother of all innovations this year Google Instant, the predictive enhancement in your search process.2010SEO

Post these recent advents initiated by Google, there haven’t been any significant change in people’s search behaviour. But it has laid a stronger emphasis on keyword analysis. The problems that continue to surface in SEO are cloned content, syndication and other publishing issues.

In the given scenario, in order to claim a high ranking in search engines we need to know what trends can be embraced and what should be overlooked.

•    Time is just as precious in the virtual world as in the real one. So if your websites takes ages to load then you can be rest assured of a great fall in your Google rankings. Every minuscule fraction of time is accounted for. Make sure that your website loads within 2-3 seconds. Google’s Page speed add-on is a helpful tool to gauge your website’s performance and speed.

•    ‘Real Time’ is valuable too. Optimize your website to complement social media sites like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook since real time Twitter and Facebook feeds are a recent rage in Google search results. The status updates in your social networking sites are now being hauled over by search engines like Collecta. Microbloggers of the world are fast filling up those search pages and changing the ways we receive our news updates.

To convert your sweat into rankings, value the significance of SEO ‘cause it touches almost everything that constitutes the world wide web..

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